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How to shoot your audition videos | Detailed Instructions

VERY IMPORTANT :  Please shoot your videos in proper lighting, preferably in front of a window so that day light is coming in through the window and your face is well lit. Please see the photo given here for reference. 

a YouTuber shoo 1.png

You can shoot with your mobile phone or a camera.
Do not put any effects on the videos. 

Detailed information for each video. 

  1. Dancing Video:
    a. Choose a Song: Select a song that showcases your dancing skills and complements your style.
    b. Frame: You can shoot the dance video outside. Make sure the camera angle captures your entire body and  to pick a clutter free background.
    c. Lighting : Daylight outdoor video, no lighting needed. 
    d. Record: Set up the camera at eye level and ensure it is stable, use a tripod preferably. 
    e. Dress Up: Wear something that allows freedom of movement and that showcases your style.


  2. Singing/Rap Video:
    a. Select a Song: Choose a song that showcases your vocal range, style and abilities.
    b. Frame: Find a quiet and acoustically favourable environment to record your vocals. Upper body and face should be clearly visible.
    c. Lighting : Shoot in front of a window. Your face should be well lit. 

    d. Accompaniment: Decide whether you want to sing acapella or with instrumental accompaniment. Use a karaoke track from YouTube or play your own instrument if applicable.


  3. Profile Introduction Video: (Reference video :
    a. Frame: Upper body waist up, well lit.
    b. Lightning: Shoot in front of a window, face should be well lit. 
    c. Introduce Yourself: Start the video by stating your name and where you're from.
    d. Share Personal Information: Mention your age and height in feet and inches. 
    e. Show your profiles : Turn left and then right to show both your profiles clearly. See the reference video linked above for clarity.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 3.48.39 AM.png

This is the most crucial part of your audition. We will be needing  3 videos from you. 
1. Dance Audition 
2. Singing/Rap Audition
3. Profile and Introduction Video

You can upload the video to YouTube or Google drive and share all 3 links on the audition form respectively.




Most importantly, Be yourself 💛
Thank you so much! We are looking forward to your videos and can't wait to see what you've got!


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